Since 1993 we have been providing literally millions of pre-printed labels.

For Dealers, Resellers, Consultants, Sign-Shop Proprietors and you!

We can help you with your large... and small barcode projects.

Give us a Call at 614-891-5858 and see what we can do for you.


Since 1993 we have been providing literally millions of
pre-printed labels for customers throughout the country.

From our facilities in Columbus Ohio we can efficiently and affordably produce thousands of durable barcode location and rack labels for your warehouse and distribution center.

Please take a look at some of our capabilities and let us know if we can help you with your large...and small...barcode projects.

Dealers, Resellers, Consultants, Sign-Shop Proprietors, Label Converters and of course End-Users are all welcomed!


Track your inventory

Track your products, pallets and cartons with our serialized and sequential labels also known as LPN or License Plate Labels. We also have developed and can pre-print unique linerless serialized barcode labels.

Scanner Rentals

If you need to take quick and accurate accounting of your inventory, we can rent Scanners (and programs) needed for that.

A variety of services

Other printing services include long range retro-reflective labels and signs, fixed asset, UPC, and 4-color process labels, and fixed and variable laminated labels!


And More Capabilities

Label Printer Supplies

Do you need supplies for your label printer....and for a great price?

Please check out our stock thermal transfer and direct thermal labels and Sony brand ribbons.

Warehouse Rack Labeling

We've also made our durable polypropylene labels available if you want to print your own.

Print Heads

We also have available a complete line of OEM compatible printheads for popular label great prices!

Need a price?

Try out our Retro-Label Calculator to determine your low low costs.... or Call 614-891-5858 or ...
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