Sequential and Serialized Carton, Pallet Labels and Product Level Labels

Key Benefits

  • LPN Pick Labels also known as License Plate Barcodes Numbers for your WMS (warehouse management system). Other descriptions of this item include Sequential Barcode Labels or Serialized Barcode Labels
  • Sequential or Serialized Data Management at no extra charge
  • Quick Ship Sizes: Just call - we might be able to do what you need quickly!
  • NEW: Product Level Labeling 2.25" x 1.25" LPN Labels
  • Setup as Needed: Rolls, Fanfold, Linerless, Laminated, Color Coded
  • Capacity: Up to 720 feet per minute - we can turn your order fast!
  • That can be as many as 5 million LPN labels a day...depending on size and setup
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